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Wedding Planning Tips: Make Your Winter Wedding Truly Magical

Are you planning on getting married this winter? You’ve made the right choice! Wintertime will add extra magic and sparkle to your big day, something you couldn’t have replicated in the summer. Nevertheless, there are several things to remember when planning your winter event.

Here are some tips that will help you experience the winter wedding of your dreams!

Install Heaters

Planning the wedding of your dreams can be hectic. While you’re busy deciding the right menu and decoration, don’t forget about keeping your guests warm. Ensure that your venue installs proper heating facilities so that everyone can enjoy the event! You may also distribute small blankets, pashminas, or hand warmers to your guests.

Serve Warm Beverages

Snow and cold weather can add style and glamour to your winter wedding if executed correctly. If you’re not cautious, these factors might end up hindering your celebration. When deciding what to serve at the cocktail hour, introduce warm beverages instead of the traditional wine. Hot chocolates, coffee, tea, green tea, etc., are some great options to keep your loved ones warm on a chilly night.

Winter Venues

Make the most of your winter wedding by selecting an outdoor venue. The local city park, beach, vineyards, or your own backyard are some suitable options. Mesmerizing sunsets and dreamy landscapes full of white snow will make you experience the fairytale world.

Add a little extra touch by hosting a bonfire wedding. The golden flames against the dark night will look exotic and also keep you and your guests warm.

Arrange an Emergency Kit

The Winter season demands a few extra arrangements. This includes an emergency kit that contains tissues, hand warmers, painkillers, a torch, and bandages.

Purchase a Wedding Insurance

What if there’s an unexpected blizzard on your big day and all roads are blocked? Neither your guests nor your vendor would make it on time. We suggest you purchase wedding insurance in case your wedding gets postponed due to a sudden storm. Insurance will save you from losing a large sum of money, though you'd still have to pay your caterer and florist.

Select Your Winter Wedding Dress

When choosing the perfect wedding dress, ensure that it’ll keep you warm enough for your winter wedding. Laces and beads on a ball gown will give you the stunning look you’ve been dreaming of! Ball gowns offer several yards of extra fabric that’ll make walking down the aisle in the cold weather easy for you! Besides ball gowns, you can also choose illusion fabrics, crepe maxi dresses, and thick satin gowns.

Carry a fur coat with you in case it gets a little too chilly!

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