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What Material Should You Pick for Your Wedding Dress?

Out shopping for wedding dress fabrics, but nothing makes sense? We’re here to make things easier and help you to make the right choice. Your wedding dress fabric has to be a well-thought choice since it can impact your comfort on your big day.

The experts at our bridal boutique in Denver have discussed some wedding dress fabrics in detail.


Most brides often opt for lace wedding dresses as this fabric is available in diverse patterns, embellishments, textures, etc. Lace symbolizes delicacy, grace, and, of course, romance, which is why most brides envision themselves dressed in lace while walking down the aisle.

Lace is used as a feature to add a vintage or romantic vibe or an overlay. This elegant fabric is available in plenty of styles, making it a great pick all year round.


Chiffon is a lighter fabric usually used in layers, as an overlay, or accent detail because of its sheer style. This fabric is made of rayon or woven silk, offering a flowy and gorgeous look.

Since chiffon is a light fabric, it’s apt for brides getting hitched in spring or summer.


Batiste is a transparent fabric crafted out of plain weave. It’s soft and lightweight, often forming a veil or overlay. Batiste is the epitome of sophistication and is perfect for brides marrying in warmer months like summer and spring.


For decades, stunning, shiny satin was the top preference for brides. This fabric is smooth and heavy, made from nylon fibers and silk. Silk satin is common for brides looking for a traditional material for their wedding dresses.

Moreover, this fabric is suitable for all brides, irrespective of what season they’re getting hitched in. However, there’s one drawback with satin: the ripple and wrinkle factor.


Crafted from lightweight rayon or soft silk, crepe is crinkled and delicate, making it perfect for soft wedding dress silhouettes. This fabric can be excellent for brides who want to accentuate their curves, but it also looks flawless in minimalist designs.

For instance, A-line and mermaid wedding dresses made from this fabric can look impeccable. Crepe is a popular fabric choice throughout the year.

Can’t decide which fabric to choose for your wedding dress? Head to one of the best bridal stores in Denver.

At Platinum Bridal, our professionals at our bridal boutique in Denver can help you take a pick and show you an impressive collection of wedding dresses designed by talented wedding dress designers in Denver.

Explore our collection or book an appointment with our experts today.

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