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White vs. Ivory Wedding Dress: What to Say Yes To?

A common dilemma for most brides is selecting their wedding dress. From finding the perfect design to the perfect shade of white, the struggle goes on. If you’re having a tough time choosing your wedding dress and can’t decide what shade to say yes to—ivory, stark or natural white, we’ve got you covered.

Today our top wedding dress designers in Denver have prepared a quick guide to help find the shade perfect for you.

The Battle of the Whites

Stark White

Stark white is the brightest white that's usually bleached to get its striking hue. This white hue goes best with synthetic fabrics such as taffetas, satins, polyester blends, etc. Stark white wedding dresses are famous for absorbing the surrounding shades, but some brides can find them too electric.

With the changing wedding trends, brides have opted for more neutral hues, making stark white wedding dress less popular. If brides are considering stark white dresses, they need to be careful with photography since HD cameras can make them add a light blue touch. So, consider your wedding lighting, venue, theme, and photography before going for this hue.

Natural White

Natural white is also called silk white or diamond white and is the whitest hue natural fibers can attain. This hue is somewhere between stark white and ivory. However, it’s less warm than ivory dresses. Some brides are hesitant to wear natural white wedding dresses since they fear they might not look bridal enough.

However, this natural hue offers a breathtaking look and is suitable for various skin tones, especially for brides with yellow undertones.


This shade of white, sometimes known as "eggshell," has swiftly become the most preferred choice for contemporary brides. While still appearing white in photographs, the creamy tone lends a touch of elegance. Some ivory dresses don't just have a delicate white appearance; some contain yellow undertones.

Most brides assume ivory wedding dresses will have a nude or yellow hue, but you’ll be surprised to know brides often consider ivory dresses to be natural white on the rack.

How to Pick the Right Wedding Dress Shade for Your Skin Tone

Most brides fear choosing a wedding dress shade that doesn’t compliment their skin tone. The golden rule for picking the right shade is remembering— brighter whites look stunning on warmer skin tones or complexions, having an olive or yellow undertone. This is because white dresses on bright skin tones can appear washed out.

For fair-skinned brides with pink undertones, yellow-ivory wedding dresses can look flawless. Ivory is usually the most natural version of white. So, for brides in doubt, ivory is what you need.

In conclusion, wedding dress choices depend entirely on the bride and differ for each. If you want to pick the right wedding dress shade, compare them in person, specifically in natural light.

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