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4 Wedding Dress Fabrics That Are Popular for Fall Weddings

Whether you’re getting married this fall or next, there’s no better time than now to start your wedding dress hunt and looking into what you want. Choosing a wedding dress is easier than you think if you know the right choices for the season and location.

Fall can be pretty chilly in Denver and Colorado in general, and so you’ll want a dress that doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable. Some of the best fabric choices for a fall wedding include:


Brocade is a beautiful blended fabric with slightly raised floral patterns that are woven into the material. It tends to be incredibly subtle and well-suited to wedding gowns because it’s relatively thicker than other materials, looks elegant and incredibly subtle. The patterns and prints can be as evident or as subtle as you like, and how your designer chooses to incorporate them, but the material itself is stunning.


Velvet is perfect for both fall and winter and gives you a chance to stay cozy and warm and look regal. There are different types of velvet, with some varieties being more lightweight than others. Depending on what point of the season you’re in, you can work with your designer to choose the right type.


Satin is a great choice for fall. It’s flowy enough to look breathtaking, has a subtle shine, and is often the perfect choice for fall weather. It’s been said to give ‘a rich, arrogant look,’ but that’s mainly because it looks a lot more expensive than it really is. Satin itself tends to be a lightweight, low-cost fabric, which means you get more for less. The range of colors and hues is unlimited, and there’s nothing better for a wedding gown than soft, shimmery satin.


Charmeuse is a type of fabric that also has its own sheen. The soft, glimmering, glowing texture is beautiful and remains one of the most popular options for wedding dresses. You can invest in a gorgeous charmeuse silk dress for fall since it will keep you comfortable in the chilly weather and beautifully complement fall-themed décor. Whether you go for an all-white gown or something creamier, peachier, or pink, nothing is better than a stunning charmeuse structure to add depth.

Fall weddings are exceptionally beautiful, and your dress needs to be too. You can work with us to find the perfect dress for your big day, choosing from a range of fabrics and materials.

Get the most gorgeous wedding dresses and gowns in Denver, CO, at our bridal store, and feel like your most beautiful self on your big day. Schedule your appointment with us and make your wedding day all the more beautiful. We make dreams come true.

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