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5 Wedding Dress Styles to Flatter Plus-Sized Brides

Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful on their wedding day? All brides do, of course!

It doesn’t matter what the number on the scale shows, or what the size of your dress is. It’s important that you get to look and feel like a princess on your big day; you deserve this as much as anyone else!

For plus-sized brides, there’s such a lack of dresses to choose from, however as one of the best bridal boutiques in Denver, Colorado, we believe all brides should be able to wear the perfect dress. We’ll be recommending some of the most popular and flattering styles for plus-sized brides:

1. Drop waist dresses

These are dresses that are perfect for brides with slightly heavier mid-sections that they feel conscious of. This style actually accentuates your waist, bringing it out with the corset-like top and the curvier bottom makes for a perfect figure-hugging looking that shows off every curve of your gorgeous body!

2. Sweetheart necklines

Sweetheart necklines are always a popular choice for brides. Delicately framing your bust, they help show off your neck and clavicle, and if you go for a strapless or off-shoulder style, they also accentuate your shoulders and arms. Go as sexy or as subtle as you please, choosing to show as much skin as you’d like.

3. Mermaid tails

Wanted to emulate a princess or magical creature on your wedding day? A mermaid tail dress is a perfect style for you! Mermaid tailed dresses tend to be flowy toward the bottom and more fitted on top, cascading around you. They flatter your curves and add flare to your whole look!

4. Bodycon lace

Bodycon dresses stay true to their name! These dresses are the symbol of self-love and body positivity; and a gorgeous lace dress that’s made to fit your body and flatter all your curves is perfect for plus-sized brides who want a tightly fitted dress.

5. Corset or cinched waists

A simple gown that’s cinched at the waist or has a corset fit is another flattering cut for curvy brides. This style can help draw attention to areas like your waist that are smaller—for those who prefer that. You can pair this cut with other details like a tail or a strapless top. Play around with different fabrics and colors and talk to our consultants about other options.

We’d love to help you pick the perfect wedding dress—so book your appointment today!

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