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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Preservation

Bridal boutiques in Denver work hard to give you that timeless look. So why not be timeless? We can't stop the human aging process (yet), but we can make your wedding dress last forever.

Platinum Bridal cares not only about your special day, but we want to make that magic last. If you're thinking about preserving your dress, here's what you need to know.

You'll Need a Kit

The first step is purchasing a preservation kit from an authorized dealer.

This will contain simple instructions to help you properly package the dress. You won't need to worry about buying a garment bag or a box because everything you need, including the application form, will be included.

If you're concerned about packing and shipping off expensive items, know that our experts appreciate how much a white dress means to a bride. We will handle it with the utmost care, and when it's delivered back to you, we won't hand it over without a signature.

You Can Dance Your Heart Out

If you're worried about having to tiptoe around the threat of stains, don't sweat it (or do). Your kit will include stickers to mark any stains you'd like removed. So you won't have to worry about carting it off to the dry cleaners.

It doesn't matter if your dress has wine stains, scuff marks, tar, sugar stains, or sand from a beach wedding; we will restore the pristine white that you selected. Unless, of course, the stains have sentimental value. We promise to do it your way.

Additional Items Are Welcome

Your wedding veil, gloves, and other additionals can also be perfectly preserved so that you one day pass them down or recreate a photo.

We Take Our Time To Get It Right

You should be prepared to wait anywhere between four to ten weeks for your dress to be returned. Depending on the project's complexity, we will set a timeline that allows your dress the undivided attention it deserves.

You Can Get A Hundred Year Guarantee!

This covers yellowing and sugar stains, which is the cherry on top of the cake (pun intended). It also means that if you receive your package and it's not quite up to the mark, we will repeat the process for free.

At Platinum Bridal, we know that everyone who walks into our bridal boutique in Denver is different. We all have varying ideas of a dream wedding or the best designer wedding dress. However, we're sure we can all agree that forever is the right amount of time. Wedding dresses undeniably make you feel beautiful, regardless of the shape and design. If you had the opportunity to bottle that feeling and hold onto it for a hundred years, why wouldn't you go for it?

So call us at (303) 428-8000, or mention at your fitting that you're interested in preservation for your wedding gown and your designer wedding accessories, and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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