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Honey, I Ruined the Dress!Bridal Gown Mishaps and Emergency Care Tips Every Bride Needs

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

It’s all fun and games until those grass stains settle in. After that, you’re left with a dirty hem of an otherwise pristine wedding dress, and a lot of frustration and anger that you didn’t care for your dress sooner!

Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress—Basic Tips

While we do wear our wedding dress but once in our lifetime, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t need proper attention and care. Even during that one special day, your dress does acquire a few stains and marks, all of which can deteriorate the quality of your gown’s fabric over time.

Aside from finding a service that can clean and preserve your dress post-wedding, it’s important that you learn about proper gown care before your wedding day. This way, when the time comes, you’ll know what not to do and how to keep your gorgeous dress safe!

Tip#1:  Use the Loops, Not the Straps When Hanging


See those loops on the inside of your dress? Always hang your dress using those so that the side seams of your dress are supported. Hanging your gown by its shoulder straps will not only stretch the dress, it’ll make it sag over time. Remember; your dress is heavy!

Tip#2: Never Spray Perfume on Your Dress

If it’s fresh, dab it with a damp cloth gently to soak away the perfume. If it’s been a little while since the dress was sprayed, use some diluted vinegar or rubbing alcohol and dab with a clean cloth or paper towel if you’re in a pinch. Rubbing the stain will make it worse.

Tip#3: DO NOT Store Your Dress in a Plastic Bag

Whether you’re storing it long-term or using it to transport your dress to the venue, it’s never a good idea to store your dress in a plastic bag. Plastic bags give off fumes that can cause your dress fabric to fade. Instead, choose a special dress bag (you’ll get it from any dress preservation service) or the bag your dress came in so that it stays safe.

Shrink wrapped containers are not a good way to store your dress either. These can trap moisture, which then causes mildew to form.


Tip#4: Carry an Emergency Kit with You

This emergency kit should include a sewing kit, small set of scissors, thread, and double sided tape, a selection of safety pins in different sizes and makeup as well as blotting paper so there’s no fear of makeup stains on the dress.

Come to Us for More Advice!

Haven’t chosen a wedding dress yet?

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