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Setting a Budget for Your Wedding Dress: A Guide

When you're out wedding dress shopping, you often get carried away and forget about your budget, especially when looking at gorgeous dresses. However, that's not the smartest thing to do. The experts at our leading bridal boutique in Denver recommend setting a budget first to make things easier.

Without further ado, let's dive into setting a budget for your wedding dress.

Consider Your Wedding Budget

Before you begin shopping for your wedding dress, you need to figure out the overall wedding budget. Once that's decided, you can easily set a budget for your dress. A rule of thumb is you should just spend 10% of the total budget for your and your fiancé's wedding dresses.

Through this, you'll avoid overspending while ensuring you get the perfect attire. However, some brides are willing to go over budget if it means getting their dream wedding dress.

Do Your Research

When we say do your research, we don't just mean scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram. Visiting various bridal boutiques and checking out the price range for a better understanding is crucial. This will ensure you find a boutique within your range.

Consider Shopping at Sample Sales

If you've set a budget for your wedding dress but having a tough time meeting it, head over to sample sales. Sample sales are where bridal boutiques put a sale on their inventory to get them out.

These boutiques slash prices and sell wedding dresses that have been tried on. Don't be put off since numerous bridal boutiques offer well-maintained wedding dresses in their sample sales.

Don't Forget About the Alteration Costs

Whether you're purchasing a wedding dress in a sample sale off the rack or getting it designed by a designer, you'll need some alterations. Most boutiques or studios provide in-house alterations, but you may not get that option, so be prepared for additional costs.

A general budget for your wedding dress alterations should be $400 to $900. So, consider these costs too while laying out your budget.

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