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Summer Wedding Trends Every Bride Should Check Out!

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Summer weddings are still a hot thing in the market this year and you shouldn’t miss out on these raging trends that are taking the newly-engaged by storm.

Wedding trends, like every new wave in the industry, evolve every year due to changing tastes and fashions. Everyone wants to have a wedding day as unique as their love for their S.O. With millions of people getting married around the world on the same day, it’s impossible to make the ceremony special without releasing fresh designs and ideas after every few months.

A few new items on the wedding checklist include unconventional floral décor, vellum invitation suites, and velvety details to accent the setup. Here’s what’s in store for you.

Dark and Dreamy Color Palettes

Remember the time when tall, dark and handsome were the three magic words that could make any man infinitely more attractive than rest of the lot? The charms of physical beauty have translated into new wedding trends as dark and edgy colors seize the stage. Even though bright and blush décor, dresses and photography has ruled the wedding market for years, it’s time for the sexy dark tones to make their debut.

It might throw you off at first because darkness contrasts with the rosy romantic theme but once it comes to fruition, will the real beauty show face. If you think about it, the moody dark tones used will highlight the glowing bride in a traditional pearly white even more. From dark table tops, to dim, candle-lit dinners, everything dull and dusky will set the stage for summer weddings this year.

Return To the Classics

The classic Cinderella ballroom décor never goes out of fashion. Even though the moody modern tones are gaining momentum, some couples tend to pick a safe choice and classic is often the most popular option. To conjure an image of a classic summer wedding, think of all the things that have always been passed down as heirlooms: silver candlesticks, silverware cutlery, monogrammed napkins, and crystal stemware.  This trend appeals to those who still cherish the idea of having a fairytale wedding and wish to go with all they’ve been growing up dreaming about.

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Statement Wedding Cake

Where once only the newly-wed couple was the sole attraction at a wedding, now wedding cakes are beginning to share part of their attention. Statement wedding cakes are the new in thing; the taller the tiers, the more popular the wedding. While some might want to keep it low-key and intimate, a vast majority is willing to happily splurge on an extravagant wedding cake with exquisite details. The idea is to make it look so gorgeous that you forget to slice a knife through it!

Grand Dresses

With the fashion industry booming more than ever, beauty standards have become higher than the maximum most people can reach. But Platinum Bridal is making it possible and affordable for brides-to-be to shop for their perfect wedding dress from their collection. From luxuriously long veils to shockingly beautiful flares, wedding gown designs have hit a new high.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on the dress of your dreams and try it on in our bridal store in Colorado. We also offer a plus-sized wedding dresses in Colorado collection and bridal accessories to make the ultimate bridal gown shopping experience enchantingly surreal. Call us at (303) 428-8000 for more details.

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