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The Final Countdown: Everything You Need to Do in the Weeks Leading Up to the Wedding

The closer your wedding gets, the more the nerves kick in. It’s only natural to feel anxious, tired and nervous in the weeks leading up to your wedding. All that planning, all the effort, all the money that goes into pulling off a wedding can get to anyone.

It’s important to make the most of the few weeks that you have, because it’s a time when you’ll be running around finalizing errands and tasks, as well as going to final fittings, meeting with friends and family who are flying in for the wedding and much more. It’s a crazy time and you need to look out for yourself.

Get your groom and get your marriage license if you haven’t already

It’s best to get your marriage certificate and registration done well in advance because it’s a long-drawn and boring task that requires some time. Check with your state on the expiration of marriage licenses. Some states have shorter times in which the marriage license is valid. Definitely, do it as early as possible within the state expiration time limits. Schedule a day and make it legal with your boo so you’re all set for the ceremony!

Run-through with seating charts and event schedule

Go over final seating arrangements and charts as well as the event plan so everyone is on board. Share details with people who’ll be helping out, like your friends, family, and caterers.

Fine-tune details with your vendors

By this point, you’re probably all set with the décor, food and beverages as well as other logistics that need vendors. Do final check-ins and confirm time and dates for everything, designating the coordination to a friend or family member.

Head over for those final fittings and tweaks

Final fittings also take place a while before the wedding but if you feel you’ve lost weight, or you want to be sure, everything is perfect, head over to alterations, which is in the same building as our bridal boutique in Denver, CO. It’s always a great idea to try on your wedding dress and bridal accessories before your wedding so that you have your look set before your wedding day.

Plan a spa day with your bridal party

Now for the fun things; book a spaday with your bridal party! Head to the spa with your girls and spend the day unwinding. Treat yourself to a massage, facial, and other treatments you need. If there’s more than a week to the wedding, hold back on the mani-pedi. You want that to be fresh.

In the last two weeks, get your bridal services started. Have your hair colored, get highlights or low lights depending on the look you want so your color has time to settle and in the final week get your mani-pedi, skin treatments and the rest.

Remember that this wedding is your day and you’re meant to enjoy it! Don’t stress out and remember to make the most of everything!

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