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The History and Evolution of Bridal Gowns

Over the years, bridal gowns have evolved in various ways. They have a rich history, from the flapper dresses in the 1910s to the strapless bodices in the 1990s. Each decade was unique and gorgeous in its own way. You can’t say a certain decade was better than the other, because they were all amazing.

Let’s revisit history and see the evolution of bridal gowns.

1910s and 1920s

The 1910s were when dancing at weddings became a tradition. It’s when the popularization of the turkey trot began. As the dance required a lot of movement, most brides sported floor-length and loose dresses.

The 1920s brought a touch of sophistication to bridal gowns. In this era, flapper-style dresses greatly influenced wedding fashion. Brides sporting high scoop necklines and low waists were commonly seen.

1930s and 1940s

Moving onto the 1930s and the 1940s, the 1930s is when simplicity took over. Bridal gowns in this era were usually made of silk or rayon. Moreover, slim-fit silhouettes, raised necklines, and full sleeves were a trend. In the 1940s, things were not much different. The high-neck and long-sleeved gowns were still popular.

1950s and 1960s

Then came the ball gown era in the 1950s. This is when wearing large skirts was quite the thing. The famous Jackie Kennedy also sported a ball gown at her wedding in 1953. However, ball gowns weren’t the only dresses that influenced wedding fashion then; strapless dresses became popular in the same era.

After the fuller waists accentuated by ball gowns, slim-fit dresses were back in fashion in the 1960s. In this era, wearing column dresses became a trend. Some brides also wore dresses that were a mix between column dresses and ball gowns.

Toward the end of the 1960s, dresses got shorter, and mutton sleeves became trendy. This shift in fashion was also influenced by the rise of mini skirts back then.

1970s and 1980s

In the 1970s, sleeves became even bigger—this is also when puff sleeves became a part of bridal fashion.

Then came the 1980s with strapless dresses taking over wedding fashion once again. Brides in the late 1980s also started sporting tighter dresses. It was quite the evolution of bridal gowns, wasn’t it? Well, keep on reading because we’re not done yet.

1990s and 2000s

When fashion designers were done with the strapless era, they wanted the sleeves back again. It was also the era in which modern silhouettes were introduced. The 2000s is when we began to see a lot more diversity—and we saw some gorgeous slim fit A-line dresses with embroidery.

While sleeves had pretty much been forgotten in this era, Kate Middleton made them trendy again in 2010.

Nowadays, brides have a lot of options to choose from. They don’t follow trends but are trendsetters themselves. Moreover, they liked to wear bridal gowns that are a reflection of their personalities. Whether it’s a ball gown or an A-line dress, they wear whatever makes happy them now.

We’re excited to see how the evolution of bridal gowns will further grow in the coming decades. If you’re in search of wedding dresses in Denver, Platinum Bridal has you covered. Our bridal store in Denver has a beautiful collection of wedding dresses.

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